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July 20, 2018
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GLRBR at Tradewinds in Cotati:
August 23, 2002
Posted by: Rowland on Sunday, July 20, 2003 - 07:10 PM
Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue at
Tradewinds in Cotati
August 23, 2002

by The Blues Traveler at

Friday night and I was sure I was gonna stay home and just lounge. I still had a blues hangover from Freund's show. It took a lot outta me for some reason. I thought that maybe I would just pop into Tradewinds just to see who this Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue was made of. I knew I had seen the name around and come to find out it was on calendar, Boom Boom Room and other bay area venues.

They're from Santa Clara. Two great guitar players, a bass player that was most intense, a keyboardist who was REALLY good, a percussionist with symbols, cowbells, congas, bongos---you name it---and a drummer. What a sound! Nope, not the R&B you would normally think of as R&B but REAL R&B....

A whole lotta RHYTHM and a whole bunch more BLUES! Great stuff. I was pleasantly surprised. They do that jammin' stuff. Allman Brothers/Santana kind of jams. Now normally I'm not much into that but these guys kept me on my toes. Not literally 'cause it was a sittin' night once again. It was way too much fun watchin' the massive amount of talent in this band.

Just amazing the changes they were doing. Very unpredictable and that drove some away. It was a small crowd for the ‘Winds. Those of us that stuck around were treated to some real great music. Both guitar players were real good. Jeff "Hawkeye" Sanders and Ron Tomasello. Two different tones and each had its place.

The percussionist, Raymond Hauck, and drummer, Bill Rogers, got to shine and that was a journey all in itself! I couldn't believe the solo they did, together. (I guess that wouldn't be a solo.)

The bass player, Bill Ward, was way loud but effective. Man, he can play that thing. And what energy! This guy, Dan Thomas, on the Hammond/C3, was superb. Just too much fun. According to Hawkeye, he was with Con Funk Shun for a spell. Real class act.

They did do the jam thing but kept them to a minimum. I just loved the journeys we were led on last night. Loads of originals and covers that not too many touch on. Great guys to talk da blues with. Very approachable. First time in Sonoma County and I hope they make it back. I would go see them again.

I had to have their CD and it's pretty darn good. Way more straight blues on it than what was performed last night. I really liked what they were puttin' out and they are recommended. Especially if you like your music to take you on a journey that leaves you wondering "what the hell just happened here!”

Thanks Goodlife for throwing one at me.

Thank You Tradewinds for taking risks and bringing them in.

John, Joe, Valerie, Kelly & Jay are the best at making one feel at home.

Aaah The Winds…my favorite spot to hear da blues---when they have it---and be with friends. It ain't much but it has the feel.

I want to straighten one thing out before I finish here....As Dee & I were driving down to a Craig Horton show the following night, I was trying to tell her about Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue and I went into explainin' the sound of the music that they put out. I said the Allman Brothers kinda jammin' thing and she says, "Oh" as if that was all she wanted to hear. Almost like it was a turn-off. When I was trying to write and explain it here, it bothered me to say it too. Some people don't want to hear another Allman Brother cover band.

This is not the case with G Goodlife. They are not an Allman Brothers cover band. It's hard explaining music. They are a band that embarks on jammin' journeys but it's all about them not Allman Brothers or Santana. The jams are kept to a minimum too.

BLUES, BLUES, BLUES, with a whole lotta rhythm. I'll say it again- Great stuff.

So...don't let that Allman Brothers jam thing keep you from checking these guys out. I too, love the Allman Brothers but cringe at the thought of another cover band doing their material all night long. These guys are just too good for that. Loads of talent and when they reach that it's just too much.

As I close here, I'm listening to the CD and the “Fullmoon Cruz” is playing. Beautiful instrumental that has a tinge of Carlos guitar sound. Great song by Ron himself. Man---can that guy play!!!

This just in-- John Gaines of Tradewinds informed me the other night that they will be back to the Tradewinds Sept 27th!

Go see this band. Just don't expect too much of the 12 bar blues thing here, Ok?


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GLRBR at Tradewinds in Cotati:
August 23, 2002
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