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July 19, 2018
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Jus' Kiddin'? No, We're for Real!
Posted by: Rowland on Sunday, July 20, 2003 - 07:17 PM
In the summer of 2001 we began our journey into the recording of Jus' Kiddin'. Jeff and I had been compiling songs of the years, both covers and originals, so the initial plan was to record 15 songs and pick the best 10 for the album. We own our own label, Goldtop Records LLC, and studio, The Blues Bunker. Production began in early August 2001 with the recording of the basic tracks. The bunker is a small studio and not the size that allows the band to setup and play "Live" so recording here is like piecing a puzzle together.

We all plug in directly into the board and lay down scratch tracks with only the Drum parts saved as a starting point. Then everyone comes back and records their parts. We wanted to display the band versatility as an American Roots/Blues based band. Jeff had brought Stranger Blues into the band many years ago and we moved the key to minor to add some darkness to the tune. The Elmore James version is so haunting and we wanted to keep the mood. The transition into my original "Long Road" was worked out by the band and was used live for many years before we decided to record either tune. Working out that part in the studio came fairly easy and we felt it gave people an idea of what to expect from us in a live setting. "Long Road" is about the path we all go down in life and all that goes with it. We keep asking for help but we can only help ourselves, and in the end nothing is free so "You got to earn your stuff". Freddie King's Lonesome Whistle Blues has also been in the bands live show for many years and is a crowd favorite. The harmony vocals of the original are just drenched in reverb but it sounds so good….Could be the reason our album is drenched in reverb!!!!. In Oct 1999 my wife and I went to New Orleans spent 3 days there and Guarantee Recipe was born. I had always love the sounds of the bayou and tried hard to get the feel and flavor of the Crescent City along with the message treat your lady right and life will be good. To show our R&B side we picked Big Joe Turner's version of Corrine Corrina. This is a song that we don't play live very often but when we recorded it we felt it really had a strong groove and Jeff's vocals are very passionate. Unfortunately our good friend and recording engineer Tommy Schorczy passed not long after we released our CD. Tommy's adding of the distortion to the vocal track gave it that 40's mic sound we we're looking for. This was Tommy's last work and we sorely miss him!!. As the year's go passing by has always been one of the bands favorite slow blues and of course the inspiration for the "Layla" lick. Jeff's vocal, Danny's piano and Hammond C3 tracks just grab me every time I hear this version. Hey!! I'm suppose to like it J . I ain't gonna talk about my baby has been with the band for many years and shows Jeff's ability to write a blues shuffle with a slight twist. Paradoxical lyrics twist the brain as Jeff goes on and on about not talking about his baby??? Followed by his guiding us with the first round of solo's answered by Danny then I repeating this 4 bar sequence of improvisational question and answer. We keep building up the intensity with the vocalist coming in asking Jeff for more and more about his baby, but he refuses to give up the info and we fade out without knowing the story. We feel the album takes a real turn at this point away from the straight blues/R&B to showcase our jazzy/funky/improvisational side. Fullmoon Cruz was the first instrumental I ever wrote and have had it in my pocket since about 1984 and it has been my favorite song I've ever written. I don't really recall how it came about. I do remember recording the chord changes onto a small cassette deck, then I took the tape played it really loud through my stereo while playing the melody over it and recording both the original chord changes and melody to that same small cassette deck on a separate tape. Les Paul would have been proud of my overdub technique. Danny's Hammond C3 solo and piano fills again take me away and I have always loved the break down at the beginning of the guitar solo. Your Friend came about new years eve 1999. As with most bands we have had our highs and lows and along with the stress of trying to build your crowd and play your music it can lead people to over indulge. Our title cut Jus' Kiddin' again shows Jeff's ability to write visual lyrics as it places you on the street watching the world go by. The funky rhythm, outside chords and melody grabbed me the first time and spun me around. I told Jeff the first time he played it for me it made my head twist like a confused dog. Our souls and hearts went into this project no doubt, we hope you all can sit down and enjoy what we have put together for you.

Ron Tomasello



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