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July 20, 2018
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Review By a Poster on HTW with the ABB

One of the great things about this site is the opportunity to meet some
of the people here in person. I've met several, and it was a real pleasure with each of them. Another thing is the wealth of knowledge here, as many who frequent these haunts are not only music fans, but excellent musicians themselves. I've met some of them, too.

On Sunday I had the chance to meet another of our posters, who goes by
the name of goldtop. You've all read his insightful posts, especially concerning Duane's guitars, style, tuning, etc. and the music in general. Turns out he lives just a few miles from my new home, and has a band of his own. On Sunday he and his band played in a really cool blues club here in Santa Cruz called Moe's Alley. It was a record release party for their CD. I'm here to testify that not only is goldtop (Ron) a very cool, hospitable person, but the boy can play the guitar! Well, he's not actually a boy, but he can damn sure play the guitar.

He and his band, The Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue, play original music, as well as some cover songs. On Sunday they played Liz Reed, Mountain Jam, and
Dreams, and any one of you would have been very impressed. I bought their CD, and it is very solid. The original music definitely has an
"Allmanesque" sound, in somewhat the same way that NMAS does, but goldtop is obviously an accomplished guitarist, and at no time sounds like he's playing someone else's riffs. The original music Ron has written and he and his band perform is excellent.

If you live in the bay area, or northern California, and want to hear a
really good local band, and meet another cool bro from this site, I
encourage you to get out and see these guys. They really are excellent
musicians, they play the kind of music we like, and they're good people
as well.

Added:  Sunday, July 20, 2003
Reviewer:  HTW with ABB Member
hits: 2445


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