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July 19, 2018
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Category: Start / Bands
Bands who like the GLRBR and bands the GLRBR likes!

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Allman Brothers Band  Popular
The Official Allman Brothers Band Web Site
Added on: 20-Jul-2003 | hits: 620
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Blissninnies  Popular
BlissNinnies have been walking the Earth causing all sorts of mirth and merriment and musical mayhem since 1990. These years the long hair is gone, the music may have changed, but . . . (Grateful Dead reference DELETED) . BlissNinnies bring a rich repertoire of high-energy, butt-rockin' music born from the confluence of musical traditions spanning diverse cultures, a background of Jazz, Electronic, and Modern Art music, peppered with forays into American Folk, Rock & Roll, and Rhythm & Blues traditions. It might even be called 'psychedelic,' depending on what you're using. Yet the world still thinks we're a frickin' (Grateful Dead reference DELETED) cover band.
Added on: 29-Jul-2005 | hits: 678
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Dave Diamond  Popular
In 1998, when Dave Diamond got out from behind his drum kit, grabbed a guitar and stepped toward the microphone. This talented musician had composed a batch of new tunes and it was time for them to be heard. Jason Crosby entered the picture with his Keyboard and Violin virtuosity, Mark "Calzone" Calderone in residency on Bass, Bill Titus adding inter-stellar overdrive Guitar, Somewhere out of this metamorphosis, a new and exciting, grooved out, funked up, electro-acoustic jam band began to emerge. Pozzy Ghuru came to life. Joined live by Scott Firestone on drums, this band packs venues and serves up a masterful blend of melodic tunes which draw from an endless well of musical influences. Each member of this group is a seasoned performer, having toured and recorded with such talented national acts as the Zen Tricksters, God Street Wine, Solar Circus, Freudian Slip, Robin Andre, Rainbow Trout, Leo Nocentelli of the Meters, and Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Brothers.
Added on: 11-Dec-2003 | hits: 732
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Grateful Dead  Popular
The Official Grateful Dead Web Site
Added on: 20-Jul-2003 | hits: 549
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is  Popular
is is a three piece collaboration of creative songwriters and talented musicians from upstate New York who began working together in 1998. Currently residing in Santa Cruz, CA, is brings to life great music that incorporates notable song writing and fine improvisational jams. is has an extensive and unique collection of original material. You can expect a diverse and memorable blend of songs that brings the audience together for a moving musical experience. Soulful vocals, affecting themes and dynamic and often wild improvisations are the key elements of their sound. While is continues to grow, the band looks forward to expanding its musical playing field geographically, as well as cultivating relationships with venues locally. We also hope to establish ourselves in the festival scene while touring.
Added on: 29-Jul-2005 | hits: 748
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Lee Silby  Popular
Look for Lee's new CD, "Rockin' The Rim" coming out soon!
Added on: 09-Dec-2003 | hits: 1312
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Zen Tricksters  Popular
The Zen Tricksters' mission is to blend jamming originals with tasty Dead nuggets to create sets you only dreamed about
Added on: 20-Jul-2003 | hits: 820
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