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July 19, 2018
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Category: Start / Family
People closely associated with The Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue

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Amy Kee Floral Design  Popular
Amy Kee AIFD, CAFA, is an award winning floral designer, with a full service flower shop located at Leviís plaza in downtown San Francisco.
Added on: 22-Jul-2003 | hits: 1110
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Dave Diamond  Popular
Dave Diamond is a very talented multi instrumentalist. He has has toured and recorded with a number of great artists, such as the Zen Tricksters, Jason Crosby, Rainbow Trout, MJ12, Blowup Hollywood, Liz Pisco, Wide Awake, and many others. Dave also leads the band Pozzy Ghuru, as well as his own solo projects.
Added on: 06-Jan-2004 | hits: 1791
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Jellibone  Popular
Jellibone is a foursome of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards germinating amongst the redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains. Leveraging off their healthy respect for the unmistakeably beautiful grooves and improv of Medeski, Martin and Wood they are nuturing their own sound. Striving for ever expanding musical ability as individual players as well as laying the foundation for group communication, Jellibone is hard at work . Whether spewing out an all out thick and chunky groove or traversing a freeform borderless space and anything inbetween, they are on the quest for what's next. There's always room for one more in the journey. Why don't you come along...
Added on: 29-Jul-2005 | hits: 660
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Steve Chastain  Popular
Steve is a acoustic guitarist who has mixed styles that include folk, blues, jazz.and classical generes. His mastery of open tunings creates moods that intrance the listener. Steve recorded his first solo album, "Over The Hole" in the "Blues Bunker Studio" at Goldtop Records. Steve is currently signed to "Simply Smokin Records" Here is an MP3 site with Steve's music. Go to MP3. Here is Steve's music page at IUMA. You can book Steve by clicking here. Steve recently has teamed up with several other musicians and has started a new band called the Bone Pickers.
Added on: 20-Jul-2003 | hits: 762
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